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Welcome to the Prince Charming USA® Mail-in/Online competition!  This contest is designed to allow boys of all ages the opportunity to gain recognition for personal achievements.  Applicants compete against themselves in the following categories:  Photogenic Appeal, Achievements & Overall Impression.  Please click on the Competition Information & Schedule link to view details regarding fees, prizes, and event deadlines.

2022 Schedule

Spring ROYALTY Competition -
Deadline - March. 20, 2022
Winners will be announced by: March 25, 2022
Prizes sent by: April 25, 2022

Summer ROYALTY Competition
Deadline - July 20, 2022
Winners will be announced by: July 25, 2022
Prizes sent by: Aug. 25, 2022

Autumn ROYALTY Competition
Deadline - Sept. 20, 2022
Winners will be announced by: Sept. 25, 2022
Prizes sent by: Oct.. 25, 2022

Holiday ROYALTY Competition
Deadline - Dec. 20, 2022
Winners will be announced by: Dec. 26, 2022
Prizes sent by: Jan. 25, 2023



My son Jarrod Sylvester holds the title Dashing Prince Charming USA ®. We have had such a wonderful time being able to make appearances together as mother and son! Jarrod is very proud of his title and takes it very seriously. I think it is a wonderful opportunity for boys to be given this opportunity to compete for such a prestigious title. Contestants must receive a score of 9 or above. Kirsten thank you for being such a wonderful Director! Jarrod and I are truly honored! I highly recommend Prince Charming USA to every boy contestant!  Stephanie Sylvester (for Jarrod Sylvester)-

Sparkling blue eyes, dark eyelashes, and warm brown hair could be good assets of a Prince Charming. They could also be a good description of me.  A great imagination is what I have when acting out creative situations for other people.  I could be a Prince Charming in outer space saving villages on far away planets from alien dragons, or twirling the ladies at the banquet ball. I enjoy sharing all my ideas and talents with others to improve my own skills and be a good role model.  Yes! A Prince Charming I could be.


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